Sustainable Architecture Studio

Wyld&Frongia is an architecture studio that designs and builds unique spaces merging form and ecology through sustainable designs, awakening a sense of creativity, inspiration and belonging to its users. All our structures are handmade with high quality materials, particularly wood, and allow for a sustainable connexion between people and their environment.

Adaptation to climate & use

Although lightweight, the interlocking lattice frame creates a flexible and incred­ibly strong structure, ideal for extreme weather and seismic activity. Its conical shape allows strong winds to deflect around the yurt, whilst the counter balancing tension and compression forces maintain balance and structural align­ment. The healing, creative, communal and spiritual nature of yurts makes them an ideal choice for a number of applications. Yurts are often used in retreat centers and for the healing arts, meditation, yoga, dancing, spiritual practices and commu­nity gatherings. 

Natural materials

The use of natural materials, predominately wood and canvas, give the yurt a natural and aesthetically pleasing feel, helping to provide a subtle connection be­tween the outside natural environment and the interior built environment. This allows one to be close to nature but yet with all the common home comforts: spend an evening staring up at the stars through the roof ring on a cold and clear night, whilst cozily cocooned in a warm and comfortable interior space. Our yurt structures are preserved with natural resins and oils and allow for natural air exchanges, providing a safe and healthy environment for children and those with chemical sensitivities. 


Round houses are one of the oldest dwelling designs known to humans and their evolution can be found across a myriad of cultures spanning the globe. Round structures are certainly attractive and unique, but there is also embedded substance to their semblance. Scientifically speaking round struc­tures are stronger, more resilient, more comfortable, more respon­sive, more energy-efficient and safer, especially when you combine the ancient shape with modern materials and construction tech­niques.


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