Along the rugged mountainous slops of Oaxaca we came across the traditional weavers of Rocio and her family. Like many in the region, Rocio’s ancestors were subsistence farmers, but prolonged droughts during the 1960’s forced them, as with many other local families, to find new forms of revenue through craft. Rocio’s family re-located close to Oaxaca city where they learned the ancient art of treadle loom weaving.

The particular colors and motifs style that Rocio and her family use can be traced back to its Spanish and Aztec roots. The patterns and colors of their embellished weaved cotton fabrics reflect the time-honored embedded traditions of the Oaxacan people.

Through our collaboration with Rocio and her family, we have co-created a range of lightweight and elegant cotton textiles that blend their traditional style with contemporary design for the modern household.