Craftmanship and traditional skills

The simple fact that many of these craft practices are still in existence is testament to the resilience and commitment of their practitioners. Unlike the fast moving trends of international trades and consumer markets, artisanal traditions move very slowly: they have emerged from their unique local environment and have been finely tuned throughout years of careful practice, reflection and revision. Knowledge has been passed from one generation to the next, creating deeply connected relationships between people and their natural environment. Art and craft works are more than mere decorative objects; they embody the unique qualities of the artisan and artisanal mastery, and often represent important elements of cultural identity.


In essence, the Artisan Craft Company is a vehicle through which our artisan partners can showcase the fruits of their dedicated work and creative talents. Our central focus is to help in providing a gateway in which our partners can access buoyant fair-trade consumer markets with confidence and assurance.
Our aim is not only to protect and preserve the opportunities of our partners, but also to help reinvigorate traditional communities and sustainable working practices, as well as popularizing the value of traditional skills, knowledge and craft. These are the core principles of our social enterprise, driving our intentions and underpinning our operations. Above all, our purpose is to be a part of a movement that aspires rediscovering the spiritual values and those essential relationships that ultimately give our lives meaning and joy.


The Artisan Craft Company showcases art and craft works that we have been carefully designing together and which have been meticulously handcrafted by the Artisans that we work with. We are incredibly proud to share and offer people the opportunity to acquire these unique and incredible products. We believe that our products offer the best of both the artisan’s skills and the unique beauty of handmade goods. The Artisan Craft Company represents not only a mark of product quality assurance, it is a brand name that embodies a culture of fairness and due diligence unequivocally.


Our story began as a small co-operative of designers, educators, craftsman, travelers and dreamers. Our early adventures were driven by a curiosity in vernacular landscapes which put us in direct contact with many traditional agrarian and art and craft communities. Merging our contemporary training with the traditional skills of local artisans, we have partnered in the development of a number of holistic education, ecological architecture, sustainable farming and land management projects. Humbled and Inspired by the stories of the artisans and amazed by the quality and artistry of their products, the Artisan Craft Company was born.